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Expo FotoFever / Article WideWalls

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Artistics to Bring an Unmissable Duo Show to fotofever Paris 2018

The Light of Xavier Dumoulin

A French-based photographer, Xavier Dumoulin focuses on environmental problems humanity is facing and reveals the growing dichotomy between human beings and their environment in a very poetic way. His images show the human presence as something that has grown into a burden for nature.

On the light side, the exhibition at fotofever presents the artist’s series Incandescences: Xavier Dumoulin taken between the Normandy coast and the Nice inland region during full moon nights at remote towns or villages. Dealing with light pollution, which obscures the sight of a starry night, Dumoulin captures these urban environments transfigured by artificial lighting in a way that evokes molten lava flows. As the photographer explained himself, “light which is supposed to comfort us has become an increasingly close-knit fence preventing us from seeing what is essential and maintaining us in a state of illusion”.

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